Story of Hope – Overcoming cultural/linguistic bariers

Our wonderful Story of Hope comes from Maria Magallan, a widowed woman with two autistic children.

“I want to say that I am very grateful for the legal aid given to me by this organization, which was recommended to me by the psychiatrist of my children at the University of Washington. Without the help of Mary Griffin all this would not have been possible. I tried by all means to find the one that will accept my son in the Mukilteo District, and all four times I was refused because I was out of the district area. Thanks to the lawyers that you have, many of us are able to benefit from it. The reason for this is because on many occasions where racism is present, we do not have the education necessary to defend ourselves on our own account. I also want to add that people who are low income do not know have feasible pay to get lawyers. I wish I could someday repay even just a little bit of what I have gained from your help for my son Jacob. For us, it has not been easy to get ahead because I am a widowed woman for 13 years with two children with autism. When one finds people like the ones in Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy, one feels blessed that there are altruistic people and that their goal is to help. A million thanks for everything and for helping the Hispanic community.”

Special Note for Mary: “You have made a big difference in this family. It’s been two weeks since my son has returned to the Special Education program. Finally, I have peace and harmony back in my family. I have always said that it takes a lot of passion to defend people with special needs.”

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