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A family fights to keep their son home and in local schools. “Parents, educators, and school districts are sytem that should work together to meet the needs of the child.” ~ WAAA Parent Partner Diana Lafornara


Covering Autism: Insurance, Health Care, and the Fight for Effective Treatment. WAAA Staff Attorneys David Roth and Mira Posner-Collins in the April/May 2017 issue of NW Lawyer.





New Day Northwest, KING 5, April 2017


Thousands of Washington students restrained, isolated in public schools

New data from Washington school districts show that, from January through June, thousands of students were involved in incidents that resulted in school employees using restraints or isolation to get student behavior under control.


Autistic son inspires Kirkland mother to push for insurance reform

Arzu Forough with her 17-year-old son Shayan, who inspired her to advocate and achieve autism    insurance reform in Washington state. Most recently, she achieved Legislative funding for her nonprofit organization to advocate for families needing insurance.


New Day Northwest, King 5, April 2016


Social program for girls on Autism spectrum

A unique program offers girls on the Autism spectrum a place where they can learn to socialize and interact. Aspire Girls of Puget Sound is one of many programs provided by Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy (WAAA)



State agrees to cover therapy for autistic children on Medicaid
Derek Collins was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. He spent three years in a special school for autistic children, and his level of interaction and social adaptation has vastly improved, said his mother, Jennifer Collins, shown at their home in the Mead area on Monday. (Jesse Tinsley)



  Olympia Watch: Lawmakers OK limits on isolating, restraining students
If the bill is signed by Gov. Jay Inslee, schools will have to use positive interventions, with few exceptions.




   Autism Awareness Day and the State of Autism from two experts
The Autism Blog introduces a new monthly feature with autism experts Raphael Bernier, PhD and James Mancini, MS, CCC-SLP