WAAAll of Impact


WAAAll of Impact Luncheon

The Rainier Club ~ Heritage Room ~

820 4th Ave. Seattle, WA 98104

March 15th, 2018

Schedule of Events:

11:00 am – 1:00 pm Reception, Registration

11:30 pm – 12:30 pm Luncheon, Awards Presentation

12:30 pm – 1:00 Make a Difference Presentation

Presented by Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy’s Board of Directors

The mission of WAAAll of impact is to recognize champions who are making a purposeful difference in the lives of families impacted by autism and developmental disabilities in Washington State.

Our 12 year old friend Chloe will again wow us with an encore performance. We would be honored to have you attend.


    • Speaker of the House Frank Chopp For his work on Mental Health Parity, providing equitable access to behavioral and mental health insurance benefits. Speaker Chopp leads the mental health task-force that paved the way to provide high quality mental health and behavioral health treatments for Washingtonians.
    • Cigna HealthCare  For their commitment to provide coverage for ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis therapy) for their employees and clients nationwide.
    • King County Executive Dow Constantine For the county’s commitment to increase the number of individuals with developmental disabilities employed throughout King County.
    • Jill Hawkins Jill Hawkins is not only a member of WAAA but is also a Cigna Health Insurance employee dependent. She was an instrumental advocate for the coverage of Cigna employees and dependents.

    REGISTRATION: Register for WAAAll of Impact Luncheon 2018

    For more information please contact hailey@washingtonautismadvocacy.org, 425-894-7231.

Table Ambassadors

Table Ambassadors

Table Ambassadors are the heart of the WAAAll of Impact Luncheon attendance. Each Table Ambassador strives to fill a table of 10, cultivating a team of passionate supporters who want to make a difference in the lives of families impacted by autism. Table Ambassadors are recognized for their support in the WAAAll of Impact Luncheon program and in social media posts.

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Table Ambassador Duties

Table Ambassadors for WAAAll of Impact Luncheon serve a critical role in the success of the event. By pledging to sell a full table of 10 seats, table ambassadors ensure that the event is one of the largest and most successful fundraisers for the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy. WAAA also strives to assemble a diverse group of table ambassadors in order to fully represent all communities in support of autism.

There is no financial commitment to become a table ambassador. WAAA provides resources and assistance through the Table Ambassador Committee to maximize the number of table ambassadors who successfully fill their table.

Tools for Table Ambassadors

Organizing a Table

Filling your table begins with extending the invitation. Invite friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, or whoever else you feel may have an interest. The best invitation for your guests is a personal one. Invite them in person, by telephone, or e-mail. Use the sample ask letter below and either customize it to better match your tone and style or send it as is. The most important thing is to extend the invitation.

Start Early! Don’t wait until the last minute. People’s calendars fill up quickly. Getting on their schedules earlier will give you the highest likelihood of successfully filling your table. Even if they don’t buy the tickets right away, your potential guests will be aware of the Auction and of your desire to have them attend.

Why Guests Should Attend

Recognize champions who are making a purposeful difference in the lives of families impacted by autism and developmental disabilities in Washington State.

Attending the Luncheon not only reinforces a strong sense of pride in our community, but also provides critical financial support for WAAA to continue its mission. The event serves as one of the primary fundraisers for WAAA.

Beyond making an impact on our future, the Luncheon is a fun and energizing afternoon.

How Your Guests Choose to Sit with You

List your guests’name and contact information in the “check out” section of the registration website when you are purchasing their tickets or put TBD until you are ready to select their names for the Luncheon.