Providing support across Washington state, our programs and community groups work to ensure that those with ASD have every opportunity to thrive and be productive. Through workshops, social and recreational activities, and support and respite care, parents, teachers, and other caregivers can learn how best to help those with ASD realize their full potential.

  • Insurance Navigation. Obtain help insurance appeals, letter writing. We also connect you with low cost or pro-bono attorneys at WAAA when the appeals process has been exhausted.
  • Family Navigation. WAAA’s Family Navigators provide and facilitate access to: family to family support, community services and supports across multiple systems and self advocacy resources.
  • Special Education Parent Partners. Along with our IDEA workshops to help families navigate the IEP system, WAAA’s parent education partners work one-on-one to help families advocate for the Special Education accommodations their child needs. We help identify services and supports, working with care providers and other agencies to ensure children have access to the educational support they need, regardless of economic, language, or cultural barriers.
    • Training Workshops. Get practical information about everything from regulations governing insurance and educational benefits, to how to enhance your relationship with your child.
    • Supporting Parents of Autism (SPA) Group. Meet monthly with other parents to share your struggles, challenges, and joys.
    • Aspire Girls. Bring your girls, age eight to sixteen, who have ASD, to this monthly group where they can play, socialize, and have fun with their peers.
    • Friendship Matters! Open more possibilities for your adolescent or young adult with ASD. Here in this weekly group they can improve their social leisure skills and learn to make friends under the guidance of professionals in social communication.
    • Gift of Time. Give yourself a much needed 4-hour break while your child enjoys recreational activities under the guidance of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and trained volunteers.
    • Family Support Network. Families that join WAAA not only have pro-bono access to our insurance and IEP support team, but also to an online community of fellow supporters who have faced similar challenges and offer understanding and advice.

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