Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy has been awarded a 3-year Title V grant for 2017-2019 called “AS3D” (“Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities Project in WA”). The number “3” refers to the three “D’s” – Disorders, Developmental, and Disabilities. The purpose of this grant is to integrate state systems of care for Washington State children and youth with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities (ASD/DD), with a special emphasis on medically underserved populations.

Key partners for the AS3D grant include family-led and community organizations across Washington state and government agencies such as: Early Support for Infants and Toddlers/Part C IDEA, Medical Home Partnerships Project, Open Doors for Multicultural Families, Northwest Autism Center, WA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Washington Department of Health, and Health Care Authority/WA State Medicaid.