Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy has been awarded a 3-year Title V grant for 2017-2019 called “AS3D” (“Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities Project in WA”). The number “3” refers to the three “D’s” – Disorders, Developmental, and Disabilities. The purpose of this grant is to integrate state systems of care for Washington State children and youth with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities (ASD/DD), with a special emphasis on medically underserved populations.

Key partners for the AS3D grant include family-led and community organizations across Washington state and government agencies such as: Early Support for Infants and Toddlers/Part C IDEA, Medical Home Partnerships Project, Open Doors for Multicultural Families, Northwest Autism Center, WA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Washington Department of Health, and Health Care Authority/WA State Medicaid.

The Washington Autism Advisory Council (WAAC) met on Nov 3, 2017 to discuss ways to improve access to evidence based treatment and medical services for persons with Autism throughout Washington State. You can find the agenda and presentations at the Washington State Medical Home Partnerships Project website.