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Action Alert-Please contact the Office of Insurance Commissioner

Under the Office of Insurance Commissioner(OIC)’s proposed rules(attached below), developmentally disabled children could receive very limited medically necessary therapy before coverage would run out. Under that scenario, children could lose all the progress made as a result of the therapy … Continue reading

Insurance Update

Specialized Behavior therapies (including Applied Behavior Analysis) and neurodevelopmental therapies are “mental health services” designed to treat autism, a DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) category.  Under Mental Health Parity, blanket insurance policy exclusion for services, therapies and supplies (as well as unreasonable … Continue reading

Washington State Clinicians Committee Recommends Covering ABA For Autism

“This decision is a life-saver for many families who have a child with autism,” said Arzu Forough, a parent of two of the plaintiffs, and a representative of Autism Speaks, a national advocacy group for people with autism. “We urge the Health Care Authority to implement Judge Craighead’s decision immediately so that all children of public employees who have autism can get access to this essential therapy.”

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Shayan’s Law-Autism Insurance Parity-Hearing update

Many thanks to all the families and advocates who packed the hearing room yesterday, dressed in red and carrying pictures of their children or accompanied with their children. Our hearing was well orchastrated.   Lorri Unumb(Autism Speaks Senior Policy Advisor), Dr’s … Continue reading