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Victory against Group Health invalidating Neurodevelopmental therapy exclusions!

Washington Autism Alliance and advocacy hails United States District Judge, Honorable Robert Lasnik’s order on Friday June 1st, 2012, granting a permanent injunction against Group Health Cooperative of Washington, invalidating the long standing practice of excluding Neurodevelopmental (i.e. Speech, Occupational … Continue reading

Safety in numbers, connect your networks towards greater stability

As drivers become more accustomed to seeing walkers and cyclists on the road, they become more attentive and cautious overall. Instead of “get out of the way” campaigns, we now see messages like “THINK, Slow Down!” or “Kill your Speed, Not … Continue reading

Insurance Update

Specialized Behavior therapies (including Applied Behavior Analysis) and neurodevelopmental therapies are “mental health services” designed to treat autism, a DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) category.  Under Mental Health Parity, blanket insurance policy exclusion for services, therapies and supplies (as well as unreasonable … Continue reading

Autism insurance coverage, family-by-family, plan-by-plan and state-by-state

The 6th Annual Autism Law Summit, dedicated to the passage, implementation and enforcement of meaningful autism insurance reform across the nation convened last week at the University of Utah’s Susan J. Quinney School of Law. Lorri Unumb, Autism Speaks VP … Continue reading

Shayan’s Law Update

Shayan’s Law was brought forward because insurance companies have not been following the letter and spirit of Washington State Mental Health Parity for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Our collective advocacy has prompted legal experts to look into this very closely. We are awaiting the outcome of court cases testing Mental Health Parity and it’s protections for individuals with ASD’s in WA.

We are prepared to block any action that will limit protection under Mental Health Parity for those with autism.
Continue reading

Shayan’s Law-Autism Insurance Parity-Hearing update

Many thanks to all the families and advocates who packed the hearing room yesterday, dressed in red and carrying pictures of their children or accompanied with their children. Our hearing was well orchastrated.   Lorri Unumb(Autism Speaks Senior Policy Advisor), Dr’s … Continue reading

Please call your senator to cosponsor Autism Insurance Parity (Shayan’s Law)!

Give a loved one with autism 5 minutes, call your senator and ask them to end autism insurance discrimination by signing on as a cosponsor to Shayan’s Law, Autism Insurance Parity(AIP). Multiply your efforts by forwarding this note to everyone who supports individuals with Autism (teachers, therapists, family, coworkers, other community members). Continue reading

Autism Legislative Work session very promising! Please thank members…

The House Human Services Committee examined the current strategies and best practices for diagnosis, availability and  attainability of services for persons with autism on June 16th. It was very clear that the members of the committee had heard from their … Continue reading