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Our advocates are specially trained to connect families with information, resources and funding opportunities.  

*Please note that with the exception of attorney Mira Posner, WAAA’s Advocate Team are not attorneys and any information they provide is not a substitute for specific legal advice.*

WAAA’s Advocate Team comes from a variety of educational backgrounds and have deep roots in the Autism Community of Washington. They have experience with multiple insurance systems and receive training to provide appeals support.

WAAA’s Advocate Team is waiting to assist you with Insurance discovery, letter writing assistance, appeals assistance and will connect you with a low cost or pro-bono attorney at WAAA when the appeals process has been exhausted.

Please read their full bio’s to learn more about them.


Mira Posner – Attorney

Ms. Posner has been working with Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy since the fall of 2013 to provide free legal advice to families appealing insurance denials of coverage for treatments for autism. Ms. Posner’s legal background includes READ MIRA’S FULL BIO

Trish Thrush

Trish Thrush –  Northwest Washington; Statewide Advocacy & Resource Team Leader

Trish serves as a point of contact in helping parents with emotional support, guidance for complex autism needs, assistance to access services, providers and connects families to WAAA family supports network of other caring mentors.  READ TRISH’S FULL BIO

10015067_417379865072370_1192657153_nAyn McNutt - King County

Ayn has been providing support to children with autism and related disabilities and their families for over a decade.  She was the faciliator of a parent and individual support group in Arizona, where she held social groups and parent READ AYN’S FULL BIO

Melanie S.Melanie Streight- Puget Sound, South Sound

Melanie has been supporting children, adolescents and young adults with exceptional needs through the Center for Human Services and was previously with Kindercare. Melanie has been training state agency personnel on the wraparound process and presents the parent perspective nationally at the positive behavior supports association. READ MELANIE’S FULL BIO

Coming Soon- SW Washington 

Carmen Profile

Carmen McCoy-Williams – Eastern Washington

Carmen is an experienced advocacy and resource coordinator, her many diverse experiences include an internship in social services and activities coordination at Bethany of NW and a FRC assistance at Kindering Center.  She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social services at WSU.READ CARMEN’S FULL BIO

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